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What are the Miranda Rights?

The Miranda Rights, or Miranda Rule, were established in 1966 by the Supreme Court and would forever change the way law enforcement handled statements made during or after an arrest.

Aggravated Domestic Violence: Battery by Strangulation

According to the laws, battery by strangulation means when a family or household member, or someone in a dating relationship, intentionally tries to stop someone else from breathing normally by covering the nose and/or mouth.

Traveling to Meet a Minor

Florida took a hard stance in 2013 when it adopted the Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act.

Doctor Shopping in Florida

Shopping in Florida can be fun. Who doesn’t love a good sale or bargain? But there is another kind of shopping in Florida that is against the law. It is called “doctor shopping“.

Criminalizing the Homeless

People may get tired of people coming up to them and begging for change during their regular, everyday lives. However, when you’re homeless and cannot find a job, and have nowhere else to go, what should they do?

Facebook and the Law

Recently a Melbourne man was sentenced to 15 months in prison for a Facebook Post threatening to kill President Obama.